Adobe and Microsoft expand strategic partnership

Adobe and Microsoft have recently presented their  first set of collaborative solutions  , enabling companies to transform their customer experience into Adobe Experience Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics.

The companies are now expanding their strategic cooperation to improve employee productivity and the efficiency of business processes. From today, Adobe Sign, digital signature player in Adobe Document Cloud, is the main cloud-based digital signature solution within the Microsoft product portfolio. This includes Microsoft 365 that has 100 million active business users per month.

In addition, Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workplace in Microsoft Office 365, is now the preferred collaboration solution within Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. Adobe, in addition to product integrations, also makes Microsoft Azure the most important cloud platform for Adobe Sign. Together, Adobe and Microsoft ensure that individual users and teams can collaborate effectively, communicate, and decide on different devices.

Adobe and Microsoft, the leaders in document and productivity software, deliver solutions like integrated desktop tools, innovative mobile apps and cloud-based services. In addition to expanding the partnership, the two companies continue to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, analytics and intelligent document automation, with the aim of further improving productivity in the cloud.

The first integrations that result from this collaboration are expected to be available to customers in the coming weeks. These are the following integrations:

The integration between Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Sign allows you to quickly and securely sign documents electronically through Office 365, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. This makes digital signature of documents on every device an everyday experience

The integration of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock with Microsoft Teams  ensures Adobe’s creative clients have access to a collaboration environment that will accelerate creative feedback, reuse and decision-making. The integration of Microsoft Teams will be extended to Adobe Experience Cloud in the future

The integration of Adobe Sign with Microsoft Teams  speeds up the creation and approval of electronic matches and the process of signing teams. The Adobe Sign App in Microsoft Teams contains a tab to send documents that require a signature and an option that allows teams to manage and track documents.

The integration of Adobe Sign with Microsoft Flow  enables users to build full digital workflows by adding Adobe Sign to any Microsoft Flow process. In the coming months, organizations will benefit from the integration of Flow with other Microsoft applications such as SharePoint, Dynamics and OneDrive


Adobe Sign with Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft SharePoint are already available. New Adobe Sign Integrations for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint are expected to be available in the coming weeks. The integration of Adobe Creative Cloud with Microsoft Teams is also expected to be available in the coming weeks, and Adobe Document Cloud and Experience Cloud integrations will follow quickly.

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