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CAD & Company University

CAD & Company organizes on Thursday 28 September the CAD & Company University in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. Every year, this specialist in improving business processes inspires clients from construction, civil engineering and industry. This time, the theme is meeting innovation, giving customers a stage to share projects. In addition to three keynote sessions of Vincent Everts, AFAS and Vanderlande, this free event offers a number of specialist sessions in the fields of construction, civil engineering, industry and management.

Virtual building is an important theme. The construction trains pay particular attention to the sessions: BIM for the contractor and BIM for the performer. During this event, attention is also given to another building trend: circular construction. Either use the raw materials smartly so that they can be infinitely reused. Hans Hammink of the Architects Cie says: “Do not be afraid of projects with an uncertain end.”

Digital collaboration with multiple parties is no longer possible in many civil engineering projects. Patrick Ijnsen van Gebr. van ‘t Hek:’ We use BIM 360 Field to work with partners in the same model. ‘ Interesting on this track is that civilian parties nominate their innovations on the basis of major well-known projects, such as the Amstelveen line, London project and Driebergen-Zeist station.

International engineering and 3D dominate the industry industry. Mathieu van Stinis says about international engineers: “We have an efficient solution based on Autodesk Vault, which ensures that our documents and technical data are distributed within two minutes around the world.” During the CAD & Company University, visitors discover the potential of 3D sales promotions and the impact of 3D printing on science.

Business-wide decisions, such as organizational structures and innovation speed, are addressed within the management track. CAD & Company also hosts sessions on the possibilities of robotic reality in construction and industry and affordable Augmented Reality glasses.

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