Business schools will start to teach students how to master financial technologies. the classes are not yet ready and relatively new, making it difficult to make online courses.

They plan to offer technical trade courses to business school students for the first time this fall. Universities prepared a new course for university students following the launch of a cloud specialization at their business school last year.

The new courses are motivated by the demand of the students, they are expensive, hence the need for loans and credits for these courses.

A number of leading new companies have exploded on the financial scene in recent years, which has sparked a growing interest in cloud mobile payment applications, digital loan platforms such as robotic asset managers.

But the booming industry is so diverse that academics have said it is difficult to implement a financial technology program. There are no textbooks and few teachers have experience in financial technology.

Instead of developing traditional programs, universities have taught students how new technologies are changing markets, helping them develop business ideas or offering courses on less important topics.

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