Datalek is discovered at the municipality of Almere

The municipality of Almere has a data library. Anyone who makes an appointment through a computer at the Civil Affairs Department is at risk of seeing his personal information by a third party.

This puts security analyst Brenno de Winter in front of Broadcasting Friesland . The broadcaster reports on the basis of own research that the use of computers in civil matters to make an appointment or change at the municipality of Almere is not safe. When making an appointment, citizens are asked for address details, contact details and their citizenship numbers. As soon as this questionnaire is filled in, the screen closes. However, whoever goes to this screen in a few minutes on the same computer can return to the previous user’s data.

‘Big risk’

“For identity theft this is a big risk. It is a civil service number. You have to be careful about that. And here you will see a form that will not be carried out at all, “says De Winter against the broadcaster. The security analyst criticizes the form used by the municipality and calls it a “mess”. “It is mandatory to report a data leak within 72 hours. A data leak is already when you can not exclude or watch unauthorized users data, “said De Winter.

The municipality of Almere acknowledges data protection and has now taken measures. The municipality also advises the Personal Data Authority to report the leak.

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