Growth IoT projects lead to increased demand for servers, storage and networking

As more and more Internet or Things (IoT) solutions are being purchased, the demand for new powerful IT infrastructure (servers, storage, networking) increases in the near future, research agency 451 Research predicts.

In the 451 Research Report  Voice of the Enterprise: IoT – Workloads and Key Projects , more than 65 percent of IT decision makers say more capital to IoT projects. There is more need for storage capacity, network edge switches, servers and off-premises cloud infrastructure. There is also more need for knowledge about data analytics, security and virtualization.


At IoT, many data must be stored and analyzed using big data and AI technology. After that, two thirds of the data remains in data centers. A third of the data is then stored in the cloud.

Typical IoT projects concern data center management & surveillance and security monitoring. Automation-oriented and line-of-business-centric supply chain management IoT projects are also coming up.

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