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HP tweaks and extends 3D technology offerings

HP has made two announcements with its offer for the 3D sector. It is a platform for personalized shoes and a collaboration with Siemens to promote 3D printing for industrial production together.

HP Inc. first announced the Fitstation, a custom-made and personalized footwear development platform, through innovative 3D scans, dynamic loop analysis and production technology. Hereby, HP says the next step in integrating 3D technology into the design and production process. The Fitstation is a total solution that enables 3D scans and pressure analyzes to be used to collect metric data from the foot and loop. This data is then used to advise the customer about the best fit shoe, but also to print the right insole on the spot.

In cooperation with Superfeet, a trial has been launched in the United States in 4,000 stores where the scanned data can be directly used to print a custom insole for an ideal individual fit. Steitz Secura will use technology to further focus on comfort and prevention. Not only can consumers benefit from this, but the production and distribution chain also changes drastically when retailers can sell products without having them in stock.

Second, HP and Siemens work together to promote 3D printing for industrial production. HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology is integrated with Siemens ‘flagship’ NX software system for improved product development and manufacturing. The new Siemens NX AM for HP Multi Jet Fusion software module is officially HP certified for industrial 3D production. Enhanced collaboration creates technology roadmaps for the next generation of HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers, HP said.

HP Inc. and Siemens accelerate 3D printing for industrial production by setting up a new, HP-certified, Siemens software module. Expensive and time consuming data processing is past. The NX software module enables customers to develop and manage HP 3D printing projects in the Siemens software environment. Print jobs are optimized by combining the preparation and inspection of the assignments in one environment. HP and Siemens also work on roadmaps that allow designers and engineers to completely rediscover products and make use of HP’s 3D printing capabilities, according to the supplier.

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