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Investors in AI realize growth

While companies that work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) express their concerns about job losses that may involve the application of technology, they also see benefits: new roles in their organization arise and sales increase as a direct result of investment in AI. This is evidenced by a new study by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute: ” Turning AI into concrete value: the successful implementers’ toolkit “.The research involved almost a thousand organizations working on a small or larger scale with AI. Of these companies, 83% say that AI has created new jobs within their organization, and three-quarters say more sales due to the implementation of AI.

New jobs

The study shows that in four out of five companies (83%) new jobs are created because the company is getting started with AI. This is especially true of senior level positions: two out of three new jobs are at management level or higher. Of the companies that are already working on a larger scale with AI, 63% indicate that this has not resulted in job losses in their organization.

Research companies further indicate that they consider AI primarily as a technology that reduces the time spent by their employees on routine administrative tasks. A majority of respondents (71%) offer their own employees proactive retraining or retraining. Of the larger-scale companies with AI, a large majority believes that AI will make complex jobs easier (89%) and that intelligent machines will work in their company in addition to people of meat and blood (88%) in the future.

“We want to make full use of our people’s competencies,” says Michael Natusch, Global Head of AI at Prudential. “AI saves time by taking over repetitive actions of our employees, so they have more time to focus on things they can really add value. For themselves and for the customers. ”

AI adopters focus on customer satisfaction

The tech savvy companies in the research allow AI to use to increase sales, boost business, strengthen customers more and gain new insights. And these efforts do not prove unsuccessful: three quarters of companies say sales have increased by 10% since they started with AI. Improving customer satisfaction is the most important driving force for many companies to start with AI. 73% think it through AI achieve higher customer satisfaction and 65% believe that AI can prevent customers in the future to defect to a competitor.

Missed opportunities

The investigation further shows that the embedding of AI within companies is another point of attention. For example, if AI falls under the responsibility of a technical department, more challenging projects are started up and less attention is paid to projects that are simpler but where more could be achieved. Of the AI ​​initiatives in the research, 58% is focused on complex processes or systems and 46% on less complex processes where simply more profit can be achieved.

Ron Tolido, Chief Technology Officer Insights & Data at Capgemini, says: “Artificial Intelligence has the potential to significantly change any business in any sector. The possibilities are very wide and unlimited. It is remarkable to see that companies engaged in AI focus more on complex challenges than the simpler projects where they can benefit faster. Companies that still have to start with AI should learn lessons and focus on less complex but valuable areas so that they can achieve AI’s benefits for their organization faster. ”

Research Methodology

The new research of Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute provides insight into the opportunities and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence for organizations. The survey included 993 respondents from companies from nine countries: Australia, Germany, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. The companies are from seven different sectors. The survey was conducted between March and June 2017.

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