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IT security print environment is not getting enough attention

New research, conducted by HP Pb7 Research on HP’s mission, shows that IT security still does not get the print environment inadequate. According to HP, the results of this research conclude with the content of HP Studios series  The Wolf , in which actor Christian Slater plays the lead and reveals security issues that make companies vulnerable.

Independent research firm Pb7 Research has commissioned HP Inc. mapped how Dutch and Belgian organizations deal with the protection of printers, scanners and MFPs with 50 or more employees. For this reason, 203 printer and / or security decision-makers were interviewed using an online panel survey.

Many companies are unaware of the possibility of hacker to penetrate the corporate network through a printer, as evidenced by the investigation. For 46% of employees, this seems even unlikely. Fortunately, only 9% of businesses have had cyber incidents, but the risk is too high to ignore find HP.

The survey shows that 53% of the organizations surveyed have a policy of printing confidential information, but no measures are taken regarding the behavior of employees. Only 2% of organizations meet the requirements of the policy. The reason for this is that only 3% of employees receive annual courses on safe print environments.

“Organizations should take responsibility for the security of the printing environment. The privacy act and regulations stipulate that every employee must be involved in this and the ultimate responsibility in management, “said Peter Vermeulen, researcher at Pb7 Research. “In addition, it is vital that organizations continually renew the policy and deal more carefully with the security capabilities that printers offer. That begins with developing a clear vision in the field of security. ”

There are no major differences between organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium. The investigation shows that the policy in Belgium about safe printer usage is less clear. There are more documents with sensitive information and cybercrime more common. Finally, Dutch organizations have more technical capabilities to get printer security in order (eg authentication) than their Belgian counterparts.

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