Kannegieter offers ProLab’s connectivity portfolio

Kannegieter has expanded its portfolio with a new manufacturer: ProLabs. By working with ProLabs, Kannegieter can offer customers from the IT and data center market a wide range of network connectivity solutions.

Tom Deighton, Northern Europe Sales Manager, ProLabs UK, describes the added value created by collaboration with Kannegieter as follows: “Kannegieter combines profound knowledge of the market with technical support and logistics for partners in the Benelux. Customers receive this cooperation, Through a local, trusted, specialized distributor (Kannegieter), access to the ProLabs leaderboard. “Deighton notes that operational, commercial and technical excellence is the key to building strong relationships with customers from the data center world.

Edwin van Ommen, Brand Manager at Kannegieter, adds: “We are very pleased with the addition of ProLabs products to our range. In addition to high quality and latest technology, our customers can benefit from lifetime warranty on ProLab transceivers and various connectors. “

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