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Kaspersky Private Security Network exposes network threat information

Kaspersky Lab introduces the new generation of Kaspersky Private Security Network, a private version of Kaspersky Security Network, which allows companies to increase their detection speed through real-time access to global threat information from 80 million sources, without sharing data outside their business network with the company .

The renewed Kaspersky Private Security Network offers additional customization options to meet the needs of business customers. The solution enables companies to improve security information gathering by adding custom URL and file effects lists to Kaspersky Private Security Network from internal sources and independent providers.


57 percent of companies acknowledge that their IT security will be compromised at some point1, indicating that the need for real-time security information is growing rapidly. Cloud-based threat information helps to speed up and accurately analyze suspicious files (through hashsum or certificate) and URLs, enabling companies to be protected from loss of costly sensitive data or impairment of the entire IT infrastructure.


Based on data from 80 million sensors around the world, Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), Kaspersky Lab’s distributed cloud infrastructure, provides businesses with a new assessment of new malware cases within minutes. However, for some companies, the use of cloud solutions may be limited by regulatory and specific network security requirements. Kaspersky Private Security Network addresses this issue through a private cloud that contains an internal copy of KSN, including all the benefits within the business IT infrastructure. KSN provides current information about threats via unidirectional synchronization, which means that no company network data is being sent to the cloud.

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