Red Hat Tweaks Ansible offer

Red Hat, open source solutions provider, introduces new innovations around its Ansible open source IT automation technology for managing large-scale IT environments.

During AnsibleFest San Francisco, Red Hat introduces several new Ansible innovations that help companies take advantage of the power of automation: from IT activities to network management and everything in between:

Red Hat Ansible Engine, a new offering aimed at providing the popular Ansible automation community project with worldwide support for Red Hat.
Ansible Engine with advanced network automation.
Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.2, the latest version of the enterprise Ansible Automation Management Platform.

With Red Hat Ansible Engine and Red Hat Ansible Tower, Red Hat organizations now have the opportunity to unite existing and diverse technologies in simple and automated processes. This can help to promote the organization-wide commitment of business-critical automation. This organization-wide adoption can be important for IT organizations that want to implement DevOps, but also for IT disruptors that use automation to boost digital leadership.

Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.2 is available this month via and the Red Hat Customer Portal. Ansible Engine and Ansible Engine for Network Automation is expected to be available as early as October as a standalone product or as part of a Red Hat Ansible Tower subscription.

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