SAP Run Live Truck continues innovation tour

The Run Live Truck project of SAP Netherlands is given a sequel. This made SAP known during a review of the tour of the last 12 weeks at the Design Thinking Center in Amsterdam. The group also announced the participating organizations of the second tour, which will start in the second week of September. 

Run Live Truck project

SAP has attracted the country in recent months to stimulate innovations in organizations. For this purpose, the specially designed SAP Run Live Truck was created. With this ‘development laboratory on wheels’, the technology company, together with their customers and partners, wants to transform challenges and ideas into working solutions.

Participating organizations included KWF Cancer Control, AkzoNobel, Flevoziekenhuis, Waterwatch Cooperative, ProRail, Coop (video) and Bavaria. They could prepare an innovation case prior to the tour. The Run Live Truck team then delivered a “minimal viable product”, or a working prototype, in collaboration with the customer within five business days. Then the truck went on to the next customer.


According to SAP, the tour produced various innovations. Thus, with KWF Cancer Control, an application was developed that shows children in a gamification-like way the dangers of the sun. Together with Bavaria, the Run Live Truck team built an Internet or Things application for monitoring beer stocks. And with Waterwatch Cooperative, a prototype was realized from a Smart Farming app that combines information about crops with meteorological data.

The participating parties are pleased to return to the initiative. “It was on my bucket list to ever do a sprint: deliver a prototype within a week,” says Anke Abbenhuis-Swinkels of Bavaria. “And that’s completely successful.” Harry Derksen from Waterwatch Cooperative is proud of the end result. “It’s great to see how we can come to a useful application within one week.”

Second tour of start

For SAP, the first tour clearly shows more. “We are very pleased with the progress and results of the Run Live Truck,” says Jan Theodoor Wiltschek, Industry Principal at SAP Netherlands. “In cooperation with our customers, partners and end users, we have been able to realize beautiful prototypes. A next step is the refinement of them so that they can actually be in production.”

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