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Secrid chooses Dell Boomi cloud integration platform

Dell Boomi  (Boomi) announces that startup Secrid , wallet manufacturer, has chosen for its cloud integration platform  . The platform enables Secrid to automate manual processes and reduce the time needed to manage critical business activities by about 50 percent.

Secrid chose Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solution to achieve efficiency gains in different areas. For example, the organization can now build an unambiguous customer image, manage resources easily, accurately estimate profit forecast, manage billing accurately, and control the production unit digitally.

Because consumers are spending less and less cash, Secrid’s purse collection protects pin cards, prepaid cards and credit cards against digital pocket rollers. Secrid was founded 10 years ago and grows 40 percent year on year. In the meantime, the organization exports to more than 60 countries through over 5,000 distribution points.

Secrid sought because of the ongoing expansion of the activities to a partner that could make sure that the back office was connected, efficient and easily scalable and chose Boomi. The wallet manufacturer initially used Boomi to integrate the NetSuite ERP platform with existing applications for managing critical business processes. These include applications for finance, purchasing management, inventory management and sales planning. After successful NetSuite integration, Secrid’s IT team saw Boomi’s ability to automate and improve processes and workflows in the other parts of the organization – from production to sales.

With the deployment of Boomi’s platform and in collaboration with Boomi’s partner  Cloud Connectors , Secrid now runs around 50 application integration processes on the Boomi platform, including the online Shopify e-commerce platform, which will offer even more functionalities, database applications from Oracle and customer support applications.

“If you want to maintain a personal relationship with your customers during fast growth, you need technology to get this together. Thanks to Dell Boomi, we can hold an unambiguous image of each customer and communicate with them effectively and efficiently. With Boomi’s technology, we draw a circle around our software. This way we can maintain everything in one language, on one platform and with one consultant – and that is Boomi, “says Paul van Diepen,” Game Changer “(COO) at Secrid.

“Dell Boomi’s technology has helped Secrid significantly reduce the time needed for manual processes – sometimes up to 50 percent. Thus, integration forms the core of Secrid’s growth. We are pleased that we can help Secrid to connect devices, data, applications and processes, allowing them to spend more time on their organization’s success, “said Max van Eeghen, Director EMEA Sales and Business Development at Dell Boomi.

“Secrid is an organization that does not believe in restrictions,” Max continues. “In today’s hyperdynamic market, we want to ensure we deliver the technology that fits the ambitions of all our customers.”

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