Tintri introduces EC6000 flash storage systems

Tintri, a provider of flash storage and enterprise cloud platforms, introduces a new set of scalable, fully-flash-based storage systems that can be deployed for enterprise cloud creation. The new Tintri EC6000 Series enables organizations to scale their environment from 19 terabyte to 40 petabyte and manage up to 480,000 virtual machines based on one operating system and one management platform. The EC6000 systems support workloads from small departments to those of enterprise-wide enterprise cloud infrastructures.

The all-flash Tintri EC6000 Series has been developed to provide the performance and flexibility associated with the deployment of an on-site public cloud. Companies can create scalable environments for business critical and cloud applications within their own data center.

The Tintri EC6000 Series includes four models: the EC6030, EC6050, EC6070 and EC6090. These systems deliver performance up to 320,000 IOPS and 19 to 645TB of effective flash capacity within a housing that occupies only two rack units (2 RU). The new series uses the latest 3D NAND technology and high density flash drives to provide organizations with more storage capacity at a lower cost per gigabyte, according to Tintri.

To give customers more grip on capacity and to give them the opportunity to purchase no longer what they need, the Tintri EC6000 Series supports non-disruptive capacity enhancements per flash drive. Extending the system capacity is possible with a mouse click in the Tintri user interface and does not require service interruptions. In this way, it is possible to instantly provide additional flash capacity for new virtualized applications.

Organizations can also use multiple systems for more capacity and performance. This process is streamlined by Tintri VM Scale-out. The storage nodes added to the horizontally scalable cluster need not be interconnected with cables as in a conventional infrastructure. It is possible to deploy up to 64 systems as an integrated pool of ICT storage with up to 20 million IOPS, 40 PB of effective storage capacity and support for 480,000 virtual machines. Despite this unprecedented degree of scalability, the environment can be managed through one user interface.

Each model within the EC6000 series provides fully automated operation, allowing users to automate ICT tasks and provide performance guarantees for applications. The systems also provide predictive analysis functionality that can predict the ICT and storage needs up to 18 months in the future. Users of the Tintri EC6000 also benefit from the ability to connect their systems through the Tintri Cloud Connector to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Object Cloud Storage to develop multi-cloud services.

All models of the Tintri EC6000 series are available immediately. Users can expand these systems from the fourth quarter with one or more flash drives.

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