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Visma Software launches Visma.net Project Accounting

Visma Software further expands its cloud solutions with Visma.net Project Accounting. This flexible software helps larger organizations to automate and optimally manage projects optimally. From project allocation to hours registration and from budget to payment: Visma.net Project Accounting provides real-time insight into all project details and financial administration. This latest cloud software is fully integral with all ERP modules of the Visma.net cloud solutions series.

Visma.net Project Accounting associates project staff with project work. This will keep costs under control. Projects can be adjusted at any time by the extensive possibilities for budget monitoring and insight into resources and the underlying position. This combination ensures real-time grip on the profitability of projects. Visma.net Project Accounting also offers flexible options for automatic cost allocation and billing. Using self-configured formulas, allocation rules can be pre-configured to allow allocation and processing automatically.

‘Beginning this summer we introduced the first Dutch Digitization Index, which shows that 54% of Dutch businesses have digitized their processes. So there is still a lot of profit to be achieved. Visma.net Project Accounting is fully customizable and allows for far-reaching automation of processes, including complex administrations. This new cloud solution is ideally suited for the larger project organization that is allowed for a next step in project administration: project control. The far-reaching integration capabilities provide a total solution, “says Richard Scheper, (photo) commercial director of small and medium-sized businesses of Visma.uctuur

The Visma.net Project Accounting API provides tailor-made integrations, according to Scheper. The features of Visma.net Project Accounting are integrated with ledger, creditors and debtors administration, sales and sales, inventory management and hours and declarations.

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