Vosko chooses NetApp’s next-generation data center portfolio

ICT solution provider Vosko chooses NetApp’s next generation data center portfolio for Vosko Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Platform (VECI). VECI is Vosko’s data center solution that ensures simplicity and speed when deploying applications. At the same time, the platform guarantees security, performance and control.

After thorough research, NetApp SolidFire (photo) proved to be the best match for Vosko’s VECI platform by providing the most optimal scale-out, Quality of Service and automation. The SolidFire platform – part of NetApp’s next-generation data center portfolio (NGDC) – is an all-flash, software-defined datacenter solution for medium and large businesses and service providers.

“We are pleased with Vosko’s choice for NetApp’s next-generation data center portfolio, which includes SolidFire, FlexPod SF and NetApp HCI,” said Alexander Wallner, Senior Vice President & General Manager EMEA of NetApp. “With NetApp SolidFire, Vosko can offer its customers a large-scale cloud solution that fits perfectly in many sectors, including healthcare, education, financial services and government. The solution offers seamless scale-out functionality, automation, and guaranteed storage performance. And that’s just a few benefits of SolidFire. We are excited about this cooperation and look forward to jointly launching interesting projects together. ”

Wim Coenen, CTO of Vosko: “Our choice for NetApp as our storage and data management partner is clear. The next generation storage portfolio and company strategy are fully in line with our vision of the future of enterprise data centers and our VECI solution. Customers want freedom of choice when it comes to their applications and data. They take business as risk, cost and complicy in their considerations. Where many traditional solutions lead to bottlenecks, NetApp offers a new set of solutions to support the transition to a hybrid model and based on a true cloud architecture. ”

The development of the VECI solution is an important step for Vosko in its goal of becoming a leading data center specialist in the Netherlands. The VECI solution provides added value by automating computing, networking, services, hypervisor and storage.

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