Fiber optic for companies Lichtenvoorde

The network of glass fiber supplier Bright Access in Oost Gelre is further expanded. The construction at Den Sliem & Laarberg business parks in Groenlo has been completed almost. As a follow-up to this successful project, the construction of De Kamp, De Kamp Zuid and Lindebrook in Lichtenvoorde began immediately in September.

Project leader Colin Puntman: “It is explicitly not question-based. In the past, it has often been found that there was insufficient interest in question-bundling, which did not lead to the construction at all. Bright Access does it differently. We open up on-site business parks, after which every established entrepreneur who opt for fiber optic connects directly. In combination with the attractive price and flexible conditions, fiber optics are so literal and figurative within reach of SMEs, so that this category of companies also gets the chance to make full use of all of the new Cloud features.

The availability of fiberglass is important for the business climate in a municipality. This is especially important for companies wishing to settle in a newly developed business area. The Bright Access projects are therefore supported by the municipality and stakeholders of business. For example, in Groenlo there is a good cooperation with the Association of Owners of De Laarberg. Director Wopereis: “We are often informed about the possibilities for a fiber optic connection. I can now assure businessmen that it is well-organized at De Laarberg. ”

Businesses can also contact their own ICT provider for more information. In Oost Gelre, the project is supported by the following regional partners: Intercom ICT, Decorsign ICT, GBN Solutions, WIJ, Harbers ICT, Datavisual and 123Telcom.

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