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Huawei wants to become a leading player in public cloud

Long ago, Watson predicted IBM that there was a market for five computers. Worldwide to understand.Huawei now calls for a market for five serious cloud providers. Of course Huawei must be one of them.The main asset: her own recently publicly made AI technology.

Public cloud services are high on Huawei’s agenda. Not only for China, basically for any market, Huawei’s rotating ceo Guo Ping (photo) said during the Huyangi Connect 2017 keynote speech in Shanghai. With the roots in the telecom world, Huawei also operates this market with its telecom partners. Currently, British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, Orange and Telefonica are on the list of partners. Together with these partners, public cloud services should be enriched with special services that are widely used in artificial intelligence (AI).


According to Huawei, partnerships must be created as we already know in other markets. The SkyTeam alliance of airlines was mentioned as an example. Other organizations such as IBM, NEC and Honeywell play a significant role in the model. Cooperation with known partners must make the market more sensitive to the offer.

Huawei expects the market to be divided among five major providers, of which Google, Amazon and Microsoft are the first three. Fourth place will eventually be claimed by Huawei, so claims the Chinese company. The top 4 public cloud market leaders are now AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Gloud and IBM Cloud.


The strengths claimed are the great technological knowledge, access to the access market and the strong position in the storage industry (China is already the largest supplier of flash storage). Together with the own Kirin 970 processor chip industry , everything has been done to create the fast and complex consumer market technology.


An important promise has already been made. Huawei will never do data mining on user data. The business model is that services are being paid for. No consumers divide data and then sell it is parole. The consumer will not encounter the name Huawei soon, they are the strong partners who market the technology as services.

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