Top 4 cloud giants get and maintain market share

New data for the second quarter of Synergy Research Group show that the four major cloud providers AWS, Microsoft, Google and IBM continue to maintain or even expand their market share in global cloud infrastructure for infrastructure services.

Microsoft and Google have doubled their quarterly revenue almost twice since the second quarter of 2016 and both parties have significantly increased their market share. Market leader AWS continues to grow faster than the general market, which has also increased its market share despite its much larger scale.

Hosted Private Cloud Services

The AWS market share is now 34%, compared with 11% for Microsoft and 5% for Google. IBM has held its market share stable at 8%, mainly due to a strong position in hosted private cloud services. Among the top 10 top cloud providers, Alibaba and Oracle achieve the highest growth rates.

IaaS and PaaS

While AWS, Microsoft and Google are the leading providers in IaaS / PaaS, IBM remains in the private cloud, where Rackspace and some traditional IT service providers are also more prominent than in public cloud. Alibaba is now the fourth ranked supplier in IaaS, thanks to its strong growth in its Chinese market, helped by aggressive expansion abroad.

John Dinsdale, Chief Analyst and Research Director at Synergy Research Group sees increasing dominance of the top 4 cloud providers. “While doubling Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, IBM continues to dominate in the hosted private cloud, and AWS is still more than three times as close as its closest competitor.  Some growth rates are actually quite spectacular.  The year-on-year market rate growth declined expected to be in such a large market, but it will remain over 40 percent. “

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