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Wanted: Successful fighters of cybercrime

Almost daily there are reports in the media about cyber attacks. What is an effective way to counter cybercrime? What project does it take to act effectively against the increasing threat of cybercrime and digitized crime? The Mr. Gonsalves Prize is looking for individuals or organizations that make a significant contribution to the renewal of law enforcement. Candidates can be logged on to October 1, 2017 at . On Monday, November 13, 2017, the Minister of Security and Justice will call the Mr. Gonsalves award. Prior to the award ceremony, Ronald Prince, CEO and co-founder of Fox-IT, will hold a lecture. 

The Mr. Gonsalve’s national innovation award for law enforcement is awarded every two years. The prize is an initiative of the curatorium of Mr. Gonsalves Prize and ProDemos – House for Democracy and Rule of Law. The award is named after late Mr. RA (Rolph) Gonsalves, crime fighter and former prime minister of the Public Prosecutor (OM).

This year, special prizes are sought for the best practices in the field of cybercrime. Because our lives are increasingly playing in the digital domain, we also take on the opportunities and opportunities of online crime. Cybercrime, including crime with ICT as a means or a target, costs Dutch society around 10 billion euros a year and can have disruptive consequences. For example, you might think of phishing and identity fraud, misuse of personal information, hacking and DDoS attacks that put websites or computer networks down and could endanger vital services, as well as fraud on online merchants and child pornography.

Which project is successful against cybercrime threats? How do you detect fraud committed on the ‘dark web’? What interventions increase digital security within the financial sector? What message or program has proven to be effective in tackling cybercrime? The jury is also emphatically looking for initiatives in which private parties play a role.

Earlier winners

The Mr. Gonsalves Prize was awarded for the first time in 2005. Prize winners were the Multi-Ethnic Police Unit of the Hague Police Department; The project SMS Alert of the Central and West Brabant Police; the ME of Amsterdam (in the person of police officer Leen Schaap); Emergo, a cooperation project to combat the heavy crime on the Amsterdam Wallen and the Justice Department for the modernization of the prison system. By 2015, the Police Unit The Hague won the prize with its approach to radicalization and terrorism.

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