SAP Cloud Platform supports Shoe sizes Connected from Edukans foundation

SAP and Edukans Foundation have joined hands for ‘Shoe Maatjes Connected’. Through SAP technology, participating children can share personal messages and a profile picture, which increases the mutual involvement and experience thus increasing the two partners.

With the Schoenenmaatjes project of Edukans, Dutch children fill a shoe box for children in developing countries. With pens, notebooks, writing blocks and pencil sharpeners, but also with hugs and toys. For example, children in the Netherlands contribute to a better education environment in a developing country and are equally quiet with children who are less well-off than they thus do the two partners.

Technology for personal binding

A nice initiative, but one thing still lacked: the personal ‘binding’. Children did not know exactly who was wearing their shoe box. SAP’s technology brings about change. The SAP Cloud Platform brings together children from the Netherlands and developing countries, SAP and Edukans Foundation.

Digital friends booklet

The children who donate their belongings can also send a message and a picture. Of this, the SAP Cloud Platform creates a personal greeting card, which is added to the shoe box. The Edukans staff in developing countries then show the messages to the children there. Thus they see who they got the stuff from. The recipients can, in turn, send a message to the children in the Netherlands in the same way.

Impact and awareness

In this way, the SAP Cloud Platform contributes to the experience and involvement, according to the two partners. It also creates a strong social awareness and strengthens the connection between children worldwide. This is in line with the vision of SAP to improve technology through life, so the German software provider reports.

Presentation with Nick & Simon

On September 5, Shoe Maatjes Connected with Edukans ambassadors Nick & Simon will be launched in Volendam. There, together with the primary school class of Nick’s daughter Nikki, they are watching a presentation about the latest addition to the shoe boxing action. On a big screen, the results of the test trip to Sri Lanka and the messages and photos of all children are shown. “Everyone is entitled to good education, which is an important basis for individual development, prosperity and a prosperous society,” says Jan Theodoor Wiltschek, Presales Manager Innovations and Industries at SAP Netherlands. “For children in developing countries, education is all but a matter of course. With our support for the Edukans project, we want to make an active contribution to an improvement in this.

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