Scale Computing Hyperconverged VM offers high IO performance with NVMe

Scale Computing,  provider of hyperconverged storage, server and virtualization solutions, reports that its hyperconverged virtual machine with NVM express (NVMe) delivers high IO performance. NVMe (Non Volatile Memory Express) provides technology for a scalable host controller interface for hardware that uses non-volatile memory storage. Scale offers partners the HC1000, HC2000, HC4000 and HC5000 series of hyperconverged infrastructure devices (HCIA) with its HyperCore operating system and the SCRIBE software storage engine.

A test shows that the IO latencies are less than 20 microseconds delivered to a virtual machine (vm) . This is possible thanks to the architecture of the software defined storage engine (SCRIBE) of Scale computing that is linked to highly responsive NVMe technology that provides high performance.

Scale Computing’s HC3 platform brings storage, servers, virtualization and management into one single solution. Because no virtualization software license is required and no external storage needs to be purchased, HC3 products are more affordable and are. the infrastructure for applications easier, according to the American company.

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