What can you expect from the Apple iPhone 8?

Apple will launch a new iPhone on September 12th. But just before the official announcement, it seems that just about all the news has already been leaked. An overview.

There was a time when Apple could keep his product releases secret and you could make a calculated gamble just a few hours before the event about what the company would announce. That is not the case this year. A leaked version of iOS 11 tells us the main news:

Three new iPhones

Tim Cook will unpack on Tuesday night with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone X. Those first two are the upgrades of the current models with LCD screen. The X version will get a 5.8 inch OLED screen and would have better color and contrast than LCD screens.

Interesting detail: Last week, Apple announced that Apple is compelled to compete with Samsung for its OLED screens. It would currently be the only manufacturer able to meet Apple’s demand. Samsung previously already provided its own Note 8 of such a screen.

Also expect an impressive overview of Apple, because it’s 10 years since the first iPhone came on the market this year. That birthday may be celebrated because although the company was not always the major innovator, it could have dominated the market over the last decade, along with Samsung.

No button

In addition to Apple’s own A11 chip, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will have a glass backing and now have wireless charging. But the most visible change is to delete the home button. It would be replaced by a virtual button below the screen, giving more screen space when the button is not being used.

Face recognition

The new devices will now be equipped with Face ID, Apple’s Face Detection Name. In addition, you must show your face in a number of movements for the camera so that iOS can recognize you.

A nice touch is that the iPhone registers when you look at the screen. This prevents the screen from fading if you read a long text for example.

However, we must note that this is anything but new. Face recognition has been found for several years with some smartphone brands, and the eye-tracking feature has been on Samsung’s top devices for several years.


Video fans can also get their heart on the new iPhone because the camera will also support 4K at 60 frames per second. Apple’s media player also goes along with his time and will now play in 4K support.

A new Apple Watch

From the iOS 11 leak we further learn that Apple will introduce a new Apple Watch. This time a version with a separate SIM card. That is, the device can receive data without the need for an iPhone.


Apple deleted the 3.5 mm jack for headphones and launched a (free expensive) wireless alternative with the AirPods. Chances are that they will be renewed with new features after a year. Even though this is not yet explicitly confirmed in the iOS 11 leak.

This is undoubtedly not all that Apple will make world-famous at its September performance, which continues on the brand new campus of the company. Apple will perform on Tuesday, September 12 at 10 am. That is Tuesday 19:00 Dutch time.

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