CISO and CIO from Equifax leave immediately

Both the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and CIO of Equifax step up. This US credit bureau was hit by a large-scale data gate in July, with data of 143 million Americans leaked.

Reuters reports that CISO Susan Mauldin and CIO Dave Webb have stepped up immediately. Web is temporarily replaced by Mark Rohrwasser, while Mauldin’s function is temporarily perceived by Russ Ayres. In addition, Equifax knows that Mandiant, a part of FireEye security company, has been enabled to investigate data coverage. This company would be on August 2nd.

Personal information leaked

The data leak at Equifax has led to a lot of unrest. Customer e-mail addresses, names, phone numbers and customer service numbers have been leaked. In addition, in some cases, customers’ financial issues could be perceived by attackers and allowed attackers to access 209,000 credit card numbers.

The company has been charged tens of times by bad customers claiming damages. In addition, the US state of Massachusetts prepares a lawsuit against the company. The data library is also investigated by the US states of New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. The FTC announced on Friday, September 15, launching an investigation into lender Equifax.

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