Red Hat offers a standardized platform for SAP environments

Red Hat, open source solutions provider, announces the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions, an enterprise Linux platform optimized for SAP deployments. The platform facilitates integration or merging heterogeneous SAP environments and provides a single, standardized platform for analyzing and managing big data.

The SAP portfolio of enterprise applications and data analysis technologies, including SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA, helps companies take faster and better decisions while accelerating their business processes. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions offers companies that want to use these technologies an additional ‘open’ choice through a single solution. This makes it easier for IT organizations to pursue data center standardization without having to enter their various big data initiatives, so Red Hat claims.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions is built on the flexible, scalable and fully open Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 operating system. It builds on the existing relationship between SAP and introduces new opportunities to get the most from SAP’s powerful SAP analytics and data management portfolio. This includes the addition of Red Hat Insights, the proactive analytics and real-time intelligence product, supported by Ansible automation and Red Hat’s extensive open source expertise. Users can better understand, evaluate and optimize their SAP software landscape.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions combines the existing Red Hat operating systems that focus on SAP software, namely Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Applications and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA in a single consolidated platform.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions is available through the Red Hat Customer Portal.

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