‘Europe has 2025 214 million 5G connections’

Europe will have about 214 million 5G connections in 2025. This amounts to 30% of all mobile connections in Europe.

This predicts the GSMA, an organization that carries out the interests of mobile carriers worldwide. It is expected that the first commercial 5G networks in Europe will be taken into use in 2020. It is expected that three quarters of the European population will use these networks in 2025.

Reform regulations

“Europe has the opportunity to get its position as global technology leader as we move to the 5G era. However, this can only act as policy makers quickly and courageously to implement the necessary regulatory reforms that are needed to increase the competitiveness of the regions and make innovative services available to European citizens, “said Mats Granryd, General Director of the GSMA. “Forecasting regulations designed to encourage long-term investment and innovation in Europe’s digital infrastructure is essential for maintaining a vibrant European mobile ecosystem and realizing the vision of the European Commission for a” Gigabit Society. ”

Europe is the region with the highest mobile penetration worldwide. By the end of 2016, Europe accounted for 456 million unique mobile users, representing 84% of the European population. This high penetration means that the number of mobile users can grow little in the coming years. The GSMA expects that the number of unique mobile users in Europe will rise to 468 million by 2020, which represents 86% of the European population.

Quick migration to 4G

Migration to 4G networks goes fast in Europe. One third of all mobile connections that Europe met in late 2016 was a 4G connection. This is expected to increase to more than 60% by 2020 as demand for data and 4G network coverage increases. GSMA expects that the number of 4G networks in 2017 will be higher for the first time than the number of 3G networks.

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