Top 50 cloud innovators in EMEA mapped

For the first time, a top 50 has been made of companies in EMEA that use cloud technology innovatively and successfully. The Top 50 EMEA Cloud Climbers Report list is compiled by the media platform for leadership, sponsored by F5 Networks. It is the first study specifically aimed at the business impact of cloud computing. 

The list has 50 companies in different sectors, all of which are paramount in strategic cohesion, market impact, operational performance and overall value. The accompanying report contains several case studies of selected Cloud Climbers and trend analyzes. The Netherlands is also represented, in the form of Flitsmeister, the company that maps real-time traffic information.

The retail is best represented by 12 percent of the top 50 sites followed by financial services (8 percent), automotive (6 percent) and transport / logistics (4 percent). There are also world-famous brands on the list, such as Spotify (for continuous development and optimization of the music service), Mercedes F1 (cloud-based performance analysis) and Airbus (cloud and machine learning to store hundreds of terabytes of satellite imagery annually and to process).

The list includes the Helix Nubia Initiative, the public-private cloud collaboration between IT vendors and research centers (CERN, EMBL, ESA and PIC), aimed, among other things, on the search for the missing Higgs Boson ‘Gods particle’.

All organizations are subject to a thorough valuation process, conducted by a judicial panel consisting of David Linthincum (SVP at Cloud Technology Partners and recently appointed to the world’s largest cloud influencer), Mu Kenny Li (CEO of Cloud Spectator), Rene Buest (Director of Technology at Arago GMBH) and Roy Illsley (Ovum Principal Analyst).

“I was very impressed with the innovative power in EMEA. The region is already in some cases already targeting the US in cloud usage, “said David Linthincum, SVP at Cloud Technology Partners. “Cloud technology shakes the market, and innovative companies are already looking forward to automating, changing and responding to new market needs. It is good to see that companies use the cloud not only for cost reductions but also for strategic innovation. ”

Sprint in cloud acceptance
Research agency IDC calculated that at least half of the IT budget goes to cloud applications in 2018, towards 60 percent of IT infrastructure spending and 60-70 percent of all software, services and technology spending in 2020.

Wim Zandee (photo), Director Systems Engineering at F5 Networks: “The Cloud Climber’s report shows that more and more companies are switching to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, and also to succeed with more innovation and greater user value. A good cloud strategy increases business flexibility and the opportunity to respond quickly to a changing market. Control over applications, access and security while maintaining performance and availability is guaranteed to be crucial. “

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