Kingston Technology celebrates 30th birthday

Kingston Technology Company, leader in memory products, celebrates its 30th birthday today. Kingston was founded by CEO John Tu and COO David Sun on October 17, 1987. The two founders are still active in Kingston on a daily basis.

In 1987 Kingston started manufacturing one product. By managing the production cycle as well as possible, from semi-finished products to complete products for both DRAM and Flash, Kingston has become a successful organization. Over the years, Kingston has developed through expansion, strategic investment, partnerships and responding to industry’s needs as early as possible.

As the SSD for consumers and data centers became increasingly popular as hard drives, Kingston has been developing SSD products since 2009. Forward Insights named Kingston last year as  the second largest supplier  of SSDs in the industry. Kingston also responded to the growing demand for smartphones, tablets and IoT devices in a timely manner. To support this development, Kingston Solutions was created in 2010. They produce built-in memory products that fit the ever lighter and thinner devices.

Kingston’s product portfolio has expanded over the past few years to headsets, keyboards, mice and mouse mats under the HyperX game division. . HyperX products are used by professional gamers. Within two years, Kingston has delivered over one million gaming headsets.

With all its brands and product categories, Kingston offers over 2,000 technological solutions and supplies products in over 120 countries. “David Sun and I were almost blut when we founded this organization 30 years ago. There were also not many competitors outside of major computer manufacturers, “said John Tu, CEO and co-founder Kingston. “We had no idea how to extract it, but thanks to the good luck and the help of others, we have had the opportunity to build this organization slowly and successfully.”

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