Dameco Plating and Verzinkerij chooses IT Pro’s Ruckus Wireless

At Dameco Plating and Verzinkerij Meerveldhoven, a completely new network has been implemented with Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi products by IT Pro. The network supports all business processes and voice over Wi-Fi so all employees can communicate with each other through the Wi-Fi network.

Dameco Plating and Verzinkerij Meerveldhoven, together with co-commissioner De Run Metal Coating, are specialists in electronic galvanizing, stainless steel grinding and passivation. Like any other industry, Wi-Fi is just as important to them. With a well-functioning Wi-Fi network, they can optimize all business processes and support voice over Wi-Fi within the location.

Through the reliable network and support for Voice over Wi-Fi, all employees can keep communicating with each other as they move through the property. Thanks to the Ruckus network, they have a reliable and stable connection to the far corners and even to the outdoor environment. This was an important requirement because the employees make many pictures and send them to each other across the network.

When designing the network, all building materials, such as steel, should be taken into account. This can cause a lot of interference, which makes the Wi-Fi signal no longer functioning optimally. Thanks to patented BeamFlex technology integrated into the Ruckus products, a reliable signal is sent to circumvent the interference. All employees can now use a reliable network.

IT Pro has been providing ICT services and services for SMEs since 1997. Specialism are Wi-Fi solutions for companies, schools and home.

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