Megaboete for Intel by European Court referred back to lower court

A European court has to revert to the question of whether a $ 1 billion fine imposed on Intel due to distortion of competition was rightly imposed. When processing the case, errors have been made.

This judges the European Court of Justice, which refers the case back to a lower court: the European Union Court of First Instance (EU). The case is about a fine of 1.06 billion euros imposed on Intel by the European Commission for competition distortion. Intel would have misused its strong position in the PC chips market by providing PC manufacturers and media-Saturn retailers, and ensuring that they would mainly sell PCs with Intel chips. This would lead to distortion of competition.

‘Court of the EU made mistakes’

Intel appealed against this fine. The company acknowledges that these agreements have been made, but argues that this has not restricted competition on the chip market. The European Court of Justice states that this question has not been adequately analyzed by the Court of Justice of the EU. Intel also suggested that the European Commission had made mistakes when imposing fines. According to the European Court, these errors were insufficiently investigated by the European Court of First Instance.

As soon as the European Court of First Instance resigned in the case, Intel may again appeal against this ruling to the European Court. It is therefore likely that a final verdict in the case will remain for years to come.

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