Scholten Awater provides Mac as a Service macOS to organizations

Scholten Awater offers organizations Mac as a Service. This enables organizations to respond to the needs of the IT department regarding management and the desire of employees to work with macOS devices. With Mac as a Service, organizations get the latest MacOS managed workplaces for a fixed amount per month.

Many organizations are Windows oriented and consider it a great step to offer macOS (Apple) devices to their employees. According to Scholten Awater, the solution is simple, namely Mac as a Service. With this, Scholten Awater collaborates with its partners MASS IT and Jamf for integration of macOS devices within the existing IT infrastructure. Organizations do not have to worry about MacOS service, support, and security of MacOS devices, so the IT service provider from Nijmegen claims.

Fixed amount per month

Organizations pay for Mac as a Service a fixed amount per user per month for hardware, security, support, and management. This saves time and money, but the most important thing is that they are being deprived of the implementation of macOS in the organization. In addition, organizations always have the latest devices, which are always up to date.

Recruit new talent

Due to the attracting economy, more and more talent is being launched to analyze new talent Scholten Awater. This means that organizations must compete more and more to attract and retain talent. The choice of technology (devices) to be used is very important in this regard and has become a prerequisite for choosing an employer. Providing and properly deploying modern technologies, such as macOS, helps organizations, according to Luuk Slaats (photo) Commercial Director Scholten Awater. “With Mac as a Service, we make IT easy for our customers. This enables organizations and IT departments to provide their employees with the need to work with macOS. This solution fits exactly in the theme “The Workplace of 2020” on which we develop our total solutions “

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