Tectrade is a platinum sponsor of the GSE-NL National Conference

Tectrade is the Platinum Sponsor of the GSE-NL National Conference. This yearly recurring event for and through the IBM user community has this year called “Digital Transformation”. In addition to three keynotes, technical breakout sessions and the Management Track, there is also an Architecture Track for the first time.

The three keynote sessions are handled by Frank van der Wal and Richard Gamblin (IBM), Peter Korsten (IBM) and Zoe Chilton of Red Bull Racing.
In addition, visitors can attend different breakout sessions with presentations in the field of “Digital Transformation”. Think of machine learning, Internet or Things, blockchain and hybrid clouds.

To cloud or not to cloud?

The theme and visitor profile of the National Conference fits perfectly with Tectrade’s experience with IBM environments. Customers of the company have one thing in common: their business is about data. The company advises and guides its national and international customers in transition to a hybrid data environment.

Derk-Jan Boon, Chief Innovation Officer at Tectrade is one of the speakers on this day. His “Cloud or not to cloud” session addresses the questions that many organizations struggle with. Everyone looks at the cloud but is it always the right solution? With the advance of public cloud services or SaaS solutions like Salesforce, the risk of shadow-IT grows with all of its consequences. Derk-Jan goes deeper into the questions organizations need to ask themselves, such as how do you manage data, where is data, how flexible are you with your data and how is your backup and disaster recovery settled in the cloud.

Communication and co-creation

Communication and co-creation today play a crucial role in the successful organization of complex IT environments. GSE Nederland is therefore committed to stimulating and facilitating mutual knowledge transfer among members.

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